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Instruction and studies at the Faculty of Medicine at Ruhr-Universität Bochum

The Faculty of Medicine offers a degree programme in human medicine - taught in German - based on German medical licensing regulations. The programme takes six years and three months to complete, and students can opt for an updated conventional curriculum or a new problem-oriented medical degree programme.

Outstanding research institutes and one of the biggest university hospitals in Europe - with over 3,000 beds - help provide medical training that is both academic and, at the same time, very practice-oriented. The specific circumstances allow our students to experience university medicine at its absolute best and provide basic medical care for real patients.

The Faculty of Medicine maintains partnerships and exchanges students with 26 international universities - a number that is growing all the time. International students are warmly welcomed here. The International Office can provide information about the allocation of university places.

An English-language master's degree programme "International Master of Molecular and Developmental Stem Cell Biology" is available to natural scientists and medical doctors. In collaboration with TU Dortmund University, the Faculty of Medicine is involved in the degree programmes in scientific journalism, statistics and computer science, and medical physics.


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